Praise for Puppetmasters

“Puppetmasters will doubtless become the definitive work on Italian terrorism.”  Ian Thomson


“Willan names names at all points. The case he makes out is an intriguing and subtle one, and this makes the book recommendable even to those a priori indisposed to accept his conclusions… As a guide to the circles of hell in contemporary Italian terrorism Willan is outstanding.”  Frank McLynn


“The author sets out to demonstrate that both right and left wing terrorism have been nurtured and manipulated – not just by individual corrupt intelligence officers, as has been sporadically proved – but as part of a precise political strategy, orchestrated by the highest echelons of the Italian security services with backing from NATO-member foreign intelligence agencies and coordinated by the Propaganda 2 masonic lodge. The objective – to prevent the Italian Communist Party (PCI) from coming to power. Similar conspiracy theories have circulated in Italy for years but rarely they been so articulately or convincingly argued.”  AJ for RISCT